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Lännen 8800K

The strongest, biggest, versatile and most beautiful, in humble multiplied

Engine Agco Power 49 AFW (4,9 litr)
Weight 12,800 kg
Power 127 kw / 173 hp
750 Nm / 1500 rpm
Fuel tank: 150 l
Length: 9,3 m 
Width: 2,6 m
Ground clearance: 510 mm
Digging width: 6830 mm
Digging depth: 4970 mm
Digging height: 3900 mm, bottom of the bucket on a level
Front loader: 3800 mm, bottom of the bucket on a level
Swing (cylinders) torque: 4,320 kpm (= sweepings power)
Front bucket volume: SAE 1900 l
Back bucket volume SAE 500 l

                           Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

                            Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

Lännen 8600K - 8800K in english

Lännen 8600K - 8800K suomeksi

torstai 19. lokakuuta 2017


BRAY was founded by W.E.Bray in 1911 as Ironsmith toolbuilders from a disused empty warehouse moving on to build and supply parts for motor torpedo boats during WWI to keep business active during the conflict. 

Gradually by the early 1940s Bray started to develop wheeled diggers and became specialists in construction and earthmoving equipment ever since under the tradename of Bray Construction Equipment Company Limited of Feltham near London as they were known from 1936. 

There was NO Connection to William Bray Limited (1857-1867) an earlier company from New Cross in South London who were shortlived builders of farmtrailers, steam rollers and traction engines....

Bray, in english

                                                     Small and nice-size, wheel loader. 

                                                      Bray wheel loader, with Nuffield 

             Bray front loader, Fordson major, and Sherrman (later Ford) backhoe.

Bray etu-kuormaaja, tässä jo Matbro väreissä.