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Hydrema Backhoe

Hydrema is a dump truck manufacturer based in Støvring, Denmark, founded in 1959. They have specialized in the manufacture of articulated light dump trucks and earth moving equipment. A variety of models are produced, with a payload of up to 20 tonnes. Since the late 1990s they are also producing a mine clearing vehicle. A company subsidiary is operating in Weimar, Germany.

In 1959 Aksel Kyed and Kjeld W. Jensen started the company "Kyed and Werner Jensen", which at that time were involved in two different projects, district heating and the fabrication of hydraulic digging equipment.

                                   Hydrema 12  ja BUKH (Tanska) original tractor

In 1960 the company was split, and Kjeld W. Jensen started Hydrema. Back then the headquarters were placed in Aalborg.

In 1962 the company moved to Støvring. At that time Hydrema had 15 workers and an area of 320 m².
In 1971 a daughter company was established in Norway, followed by Sweden in 1979, the former West Germany in 1981, England in 1985 and France in 1988. There are many countries like the United States, Australia and Poland, that import machines from the Hydrema factories in Denmark and from 1997 Germany.

 Hydrema ja Volvo 650 traktori

Hydrema 806 

Hydrema 808

In 1980 Hydrema started producing their own machines from the bottom. It started with the Hydrema 800-series, which were a new line of backhoe loaders produced all by themselves. But the engines were made by Perkins Engines in England (Today most machines are fitted with Cummins engines, though). Before 1980, Hydrema bought tractors from companies like Volvo, so they could mount their own hydraulic equipment on the tractors.

                                                     Hydrema 912

                                          Hydrema 922 Dumper

In 1983 Hydrema started producing their own dump trucks and in a short period in the late 1980s they also produced mobile building cranes.
                                                       Hydrema 906 
In 1990 the Hydrema 800-series were replaced by the Hydrema 900-series which had a new chassis and more powerful axles and digging arm (backhoe).

                                                             Hydrema 926

                                                  Hydrema 928

                                                  Hydrema 10 tn

                                                         Hydrema 18 tn

Hydrema mine clearing vehicle
In 1996 Hydrema started the production of a new mine clearing vehicle, named the Hydrema MCV 910. It can safely clear big mine areas in a short time.

In 1997 Hydrema bought the Weimar-Werk Baumaschinen and thereby got production facilities in Germany. In Støvring, the production and administration area is about 16.500 m², while the facilities in Weimar are 20.000 m²
Hydrema 912E - ES - HM Dumper
Hydrema 922D Dumper
Hydrema MX14 excavator
Hydrema MX16 excavator
Hydrema MX18 excavator
Hydrema 900E backhoe loaders

Hydrema 910 mine clearing vehicle
In 1998 Hydrema launched their unique Hydrema MPV 900. It is a Multi Purpose Vehicle, which is able to switch whole tools, like a telescopic arm or a digging arm.

In 2004, Hydrema mine-clearing vehicle (MCV) was used by the Indian Army for 'proving' operations to clear personnel or anti-tank mines with up to 10 kg explosive weight.

In 2006 Hydrema expanded into the defence industry through a counter purchasing deal with the Swedish Hägglunds, which is a part of BAE Systems. Hydrema was to produce, mount and integrate 45 turrets for the Danish Army's new CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

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