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Bruneri "Yumbo" S25

The Yumbo Company a French Firm was formed around 1954, based on worldwide patent rights of a hydraulic excavator design. Initial production was a truck mounted excavator called the S25. In 1948, a wheeled prototype of the excavator was developed by Carlo and Mario Bruneri of Italy. 

This was the first fully hydraulic excavator and Yumbo or SICAM 
(Society de Industrial Construction of Mechanical Hydraulic Appliances)
bought the patent rights in 1954. 
Some say the Gradall of 1941 was the first hydraulic excavator built in Ohio. 
This was built a little different than the Yumbo with a boom that moved in and out. It was also mounted on a truck. A lot of highway departments used them
The first self propelled hydraulic excavator the model H24 was developed in 1956.
                     Kuvahaun tulos haulle early gradall
These are simple truth
This was a rubber tired machine. In 1957 Yumbo brought out the biggest hydraulic excavator in existence at the time, the model Y500 (19Ton). 

This machine was mounted on tracks. In 1962 the Genos plant was built. The model Y45 (crawler machine) and the model H45 (rubber tired under carriage) were introduced in the French market.  Text by

                       Kuvahaun tulos haulle yumbo excavators

Bruneri "Jumbo"

Bruneri S 35, on tracks
France Poclain TY 45 
Kuvahaun tulos haulle yumbo sicam
Kuvahaun tulos haulle yumbo sicam

                                                             Poclain Yumbo S25
Poclain Yumbo S25
                                                          Poclain Yumbo S25

Poclain Yumbo S25

Pruneri Jumbo S25

Kuvahaun tulos haulle yumbo S 25
SICAM made Jumbo S25 

                                               International IH Yumbo S 25 - SICAM license
                                                    International IH Yumbo S 25 France license
International IH Yumbo S25  France license

Originally, the Shikamu (SICAM) brand, 
which is are manufacturer of construction machinery, made in France.

This are made first Japanese, Shin Mitsubishi Heavy Industries corporation.
(Later: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) is a technology introduced to production and sales in Japan, this name is already widely used in Japan.
It is currently used as a synonym for hydraulic excavator in the industry
Today Mitsubishi exavator belong Caterpillar company

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