keskiviikko 20. syyskuuta 2017

Poclain - the first hydraulic excavator in europe / Part-I

The Company started in the Excavator business in 1948, when they built a loader unit on a Dodge 4x4 chassis. 

Poclain products before excavators


Followed by a Hydraulic excavator the TU in 1951. It was built on a 2-wheeled trailer and powered from the towing tractor. Over 1000 were sold before a new design was introduced in 1956, the TO. 


By 1961 the tenth anniversary they had sold over 400 units, and moved into the German market. The TY and TYA being introduced that year. The German firm O&K introduced the RH5 their first hydraulic machine as well in 1961.

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  1. Poclain, the "general" name to say "Buldozer"
    Excellent ;)

    1. Hello, my Frend.
      Yep. Pocklain is general name, like JCB, Cat, Bobcat, or here is Lännen, (western) in finnland