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Poclain TY-45 / Part -II

Followed by a Hydraulic excavator the TU in 1951. 
It was built on a 2-wheeled trailer and powered from the towing tractor. Over 1000 were sold before a new design was introduced in 1956, the TO. 

                                                      Poclain TU
Poclain TL

                              Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain to2
                                 Poclain TO2
                              Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain ty45
The TY45a Revolutionary design was introduced as well in 1961. 

                             Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain ty45
                             Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain ty45
                                                          TY 45
This machine featured a full 360 deg rotating excavator on a 3-wheeled tricycle under carriage. Over the next 21 years of production 30,000 were built.
                             Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain ty45 in usa
                  Poclain is an International (Usa tractor) company coloring

                             Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva
                             Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain ty45
                                     Czechoslovakia's made Poclain

                             Kuvahaun tulos haulle poclain ty45
                                             Japan's made Poclain.
Company President Pierre Bataille led an early diversification with a move into mobile cranes with the creation of PPM in 1965, and later into Hydraulic components. Diversification also lead to international marketing agreements; with Poclain machines were being manufactured in Argentina, Czechoslovakia, India, Japan, and Korea. At this time, manufacturing subsidiaries were also set up in Brazil and Mexico.

Then in 1975 an agreement between Poclain and Volvo for production in France and Germany while Volvo would distribute Poclain products in Scandinavia and Austria. 

In the 1970s they expanded rapidly taking over various supplier companies to give control of supply but the recession then caused problems and they sold 40% to Case of America in 1977 who were looking to expand their Construction Equipment division (CE). Case assuming responsibility for distribution of Poclain products in the USA and Canada. In 1980 Production of Poclain machines began in America. By 1987 Case had 98.7% control, leaving the family with the Hydraulics company.

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